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YSS suspension Europe developed a new line of twin and mono shockabsorbers, especially for classic racing motorcycles.
The history of YSS suspension Europe goes back to previous companies like Technoflex and WP, goes back to the 70's.
We have hundreds of specsheets, made through out the last decades for most of the vintage MX bikes and also a lot of classic road racers.
Suspension for those vintage bikes is never universal, so all the shocks we offer are Custom Build for you, for your bike.
While YSS suspension Europe is the R&D center for YSS suspension Thailand, we are the only company in the world that has all YSS separate parts and are able to build complete shocks, based on the YSS programm, which we developed ourselves.
The separate parts are more expensive then complete shocks and we spend time to carefully build the shocks, based on the specsheets, this is why they are more expensive than similar YSS shocks from the applicationlist, which are in te matter of settings not suitable for this purpose.
To add a bit of exclusivity we add red anodised preload-rings and spring retainers, together with chrome-red-black Classic Racing logo's.
We offer the shocks in an Aluminium version with black springs.
In the market we see that a lot of different lengths are used on the same bikes, so if you place an order, we ask you to fill in the length you wish for and also to fill in the upper and lower mountingpoints, together with riders weight.
Also monoshocks with specific specs are a possibility.
All YSS shockabsorbers are approved by the German TUV.
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