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Hydraulic shockabsorbers

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Shipping costs

€ 8,50 



€ 144,00
Price per set of 2



- Hydraulic twin-shockabsorbers, non gas supported.

The RD222 shocks are suitable for 95% of all twinshock motorcycles above 200CC.
(Up to 200CC, please check the RD220)

The housing of the shocks is always chromed and is standard delivered with black springs. 
As an option we can deliver them with chrome springs and different sizes of top-covers to created another look.

- Step preload adjustement.

- Top mounting EYE, bottom mounting EYE > available in lengths 270-370MM.
- Top mounting EYE 16MM, bottom mounting clevis/fork Honda 20mm x 10/M10 > available in lengths 310, 320, 335 and 365MM.
- Top mounting EYE, bottom mounting clevis/fork Suzuki 22mm x 10/M10 > available only inn 335MM length.

ALL YSS shockabsorbers are approved by the German TÜV to ensure safety and quality.
For Germany and Switserland, countries where ABE is obligated we deliver a wide range of RD222's with this model-specific ABE certification.
For other countries we can deliver these shocks as universal, but when ordering, ALLWAYS fill in the make and model of your motorcycle, we will convert the specs and mountingpoints to fit your specific bike, so the shocks are actually never universal.

- The RD222's all have 1 price: € 144.- including VAT
- Conversion to chrome springs + € 10.-
- Adding chrome top-covers + € 30.-

Main competitor to the RD222 shocks are the Hagon 31011 twin-shockabsorbers.
We did extensive testing on our dyno to compare them and YSS came out the better (thermal and durable) and more modern product for a € 50.- lower price (!!) with full 2-year factory warranty.
So YSS easily wins the price/quality rating.

Other competitor are the shocks with the double spring and white ring in between them.
These shocks are manufactered in China with a universal setting so therefor never really suitable for your bike.
We don't even want to compare these shocks to YSS quality-wise, the use of metal is very poor, the strength is almost dangerous but we see end-users often buy these shocks instead of choosing much better quality like Hagon or YSS. These users only look at the pricing but this is not a product that you should choose for.


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