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16-1 - Shockabsorbers RG-CR-362-TRC-A color ALU/RED
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Classic Racing Topline Series

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These YSS Classic Racing twinshocks from the Topline range are high efficiency separated gas shock absorbers.
They have a threaded ring to adjust the preload on the springs which the user can turn in order to personalize the setting.
The compression is adjustable in order to control te speed of the ingoing movement.
The shocks are also rebound adjustable to control the recovery of the shockabsorber to it's original position, fast or slow depending on the riders needs.

- PRODUCT: Rear shock set of 2
- PRODUCT GROUP: Classic Racing Topline
- PRODUCT TYPE: Separated gas shock absorbers
- TÜV approved: Yes
- ABE: No
- LENGTH: Modelspecific or to choice.

Please fill in the specs of your wishes and brand and model motorcycle.

All YSS Classic Racing shockabsorbers are custom built and only produced by YSS suspension Europe.

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